The Best Air Purifier For Dust Allergies – 3 Features To Check

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The best air purifiers that are presently available in the market come with many attractive features and it is because of the features they are identified as the best in the market. Most buyers want to buy the best when they are planning for an investment in air purifier. As you are looking for the best air purifier for dust allergies on clear home air, you will have to carefully evaluate the following 3 features to ensure that you arrive at the right unit without any doubt whatsoever:

1. It should not produce ozone as the by-product:

Do you know that electrostatic air purifier, which is otherwise called as air purifier without filter does emit ozone, which is stated to be harmful for humans. Even though, some manufacturers state that their device produces ozone, which is good for humans, the American Lung Association has stated that it is dangerous to humans and also to the environment. The reason is that this type of unit can cause lung damage and respiratory problems. So, when you are shopping for air purifiers, do not go for a unit the produces ozone as by-product. In other words, you should opt for ozone-free unit.

Certification, the Western Way

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certificationRussian oil companies set down to become certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. What is the certification for, what benefits does it bring to company entities as well as the society that is whole? On these presssing issues talks Mikhail Ionov, Executive Deputy General Director and Chief Engineer of Russian Innovation Fuel and Energy business – RITEK Open Joint Stock Company – which was one of the first to possess decided to get for certification.

Oil & petrol Eurasia: RITEK has been active on the market that is russian the last 12 years. Just how did the company’s policy in environment protection and safety that is industrial during that duration?

Mikhail Ionov: Geographically, the areas of task of our business are particularly specific: you will definitely find one of them such regions as some areas of the Republic of Tatarstan which are extremely rich in agricultural and water resources, or a complex ecosystem of the Far North within the Yamal-Nenets region that is autonomous or difficult for development expanses of the Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous district covered with taiga forests and bogs. All that means is we have to be extremely careful about environment protection issues and safety that is industrial. Our company is also included in such projects as oil export by the Northern Rout which requires high professional skills for the personnel and equally carefully handling aspects that are ecological.

Being conscious of the value among these issues, RITEK for no less than twelve years is conducting a systematic and goal-orientated work with streamlining and enhancing our activities dedicated to ecological protection and security that is industrial. By now, we have handled to set up a quite clear and system that is efficient. In the structure of our business, now we have a department that is specialized dealing with environmental security and industrial safety issues. In 2002, RITEK took some obligations which had been formulated in the organization’s policy on safety, health and protection that is environmental. The monetary aspects were settled accordingly: in the company’s business plan there clearly was a expenditure that is unique compared to that end. Every year we would see improvement of the parameters that are primary. Today we feel confident enough and started the entire process of official certification based on the following two standards being international ISO 14001 which deals using the ecology management system and OHSAS 18001 which can be about the system of commercial safety management. OGE: RITEK is one of the first Russian companies to be certified according to standards that are international. Why did RITEK choose apply for worldwide certificates?

Ionov: Indeed, to date our company is the company that is 2nd LUKOIL among Russia’s oil and gas manufacturers to have already been certified according to both standards. As a matter of fact, RITEK is the twentieth company that is russian by ISO 14001 and the eighth certified by OHSAS 18001.

When it comes to relevant question why we went through the process of certification, one should mention three things.

First, it really is worth remembering that RITEK is a daughter company for the biggest oil that is russian company – LUKOIL – and which declared international standards certification its concern. Thus the certification of our company looks quite rational.

Second, RITEK is an company that is innovative going back few years is taking new technologies to worldwide markets – to point out such countries as Oman, India, or Venezuela. Really, for the time that is first issue about certification came up when we began to cooperate with PDO Company in Oman. The lack of international certificates caused some dilemmas: no wonder, international certificates guarantee that a company working offshore will stick to according guidelines, will not be in breach of ecological and safety that is commercial and will work without breakdowns and negative impacts on environment.